Can 2x Up2Stream Mini via Bluetooth be used to combine two speakers in one stereo set?

Is this possible?

  • Build two speakers, each with an Up2Stream Mini.
  • Connect to them via Bluetooth, source: TV with bluetooth.
  • Have the 2 speakers act as a stereo set.
  • Have no delay between video and audio.

Hi Ernst,

I think it’s possible, but probably with some caveats.
The Bluetooth used on the Mini is BT 5 SBC, the SBC is the lowest common denominator among the Bluetooth codecs, it’s not the best, also it’s lossy (no BT is lossless at the moment) so I wouldn’t expect superb quality sound.
The source need to be at least BT5.2 (I think?) in order to transmit two channels.
I don’t believe that there would be any significant audio delay.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for responding to this topic!

I wasn’t aware the Mini is based on the SBC codec when using Bluetooth connections. Though I know that audio quality wise, it has limitations. I would prefer aptX HD or Adaptive.

For me at this moment, I am looking for a way to connect two speakers via the Bluetooth on the Up2Stream Mini, to a TV. See picture below:

I think you are right that the TV needs to have Bluetooth 5.2, as this version supports ‘multiple synchronized data streams’. So it should be able to connect to two Bluetooth speakers, drive each with one of the Stereo channels, and synchronize both channels with each other.


  • If I would have a TV supporting Bluetooth 5.2, would it be able to connect two Up2Stream Mini’s and drive each with a different Stereo channel (L & R synched)?
  • If this works, is there any delay/gap between the audio and the video (or in other words, no lip-sync)?

@zpl1025 : Hi Frank, also interesting to hear your comments!

Hi Ernst,

The MINI board could be configured to work in mono mode, and if they could be connected to TV in both, then should be working in stereo mode.

But the delay between left and right, depends on the bluetooth transmitter in TV, I’m not sure if good enough to cause audio interference, I guess it can’t…

And regarding the delay between video and audio, normally SBC is not good enough for audio delay from the source. It should be around 100ms. And you might need APTX-LL to have better experience. Anyway, maybe some people are not sensitive enough with this delay. :grinning:

@zpl1025 Thanks Frank for your swift response!

Question: do you mean using the 4Stream App and setting the Mini to ‘L’ or ‘R’ ?

  • I am quite sure that on the TV side, the TV should at least have Bluetooth v5.2. This is the first Bluetooth version supporting multiple synchronized data streams, or 2 channels for Left & Right and have them synchronized.
  • Concerning your remarks about audio delay … yes, I think it all comes to a good Codec, so I also assume SBC is not good enough.

Anyhow, I think it is a matter of checking of the TV has Bluetooth v5.2 and then try it. I hope to find a TV-set with Bluetooth 5.2. If I found one, I will check it and came back to the forum with my findings.

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No, I mean select Mono Left for output mode in ACP tool, so the system would be always having the fixed channel setting.

Thanks @zpl1025

When I find a TV with Bluetooth 5.2, I will check that and use ACP Workbench to st the Mini into Mono mode for Left or Right channel only.