Cambridge Soundworks BassCube 12s reboot

This Arylic board in now powering a subwoofer and two ceiling speakers for a basement workout area. Super clear sound and wealth of options. Bluetooth from Peloton bike (check) - Spotify from phone (check) - bluetooth from FireTV (check). Amazing product. Amazing sound.

The Up2stream Amp 2.1 rebooted a faulty Cambridge Soundworks BaseCube 12s powered subwoofer. The subwoofer was really good for its time but sadly they fail causing intermittent rumbling which given their heft wake up the whole house! After sitting around unused for years, the Arylic board has worked wonders for this beast.

Removed the power supply and amp from the subwoofer. Replaced power supply with one from old Thinkpad 18v laptop, removed the circuity from the BaseCube base board but kept panel connections for new external stereo speakers, drilled 4 holes and mounted the Arylic board using screws from the optional case which is two pieces of plexi with standoffs.

Control with the iOS 4Stream app is straightforward. The HTTP interface is also useful. While not for everyone, the ACP Workbench (optional) really helps tune the room for an amazing sound. Stunnng what can be done with this piece of software. Wish it could be used to setup two profiles and then change via the iOS app or HTTP but sadly I understand the IR remote control is needed for that which I donā€™t have.

One surprising missing capability is left and right balance. It cannot be changed easily. It can be done using ACP Workbench by changing the left/right/sub gain and flashing the board but not something a casual user will do.

Highly recommended. Lots of information in the forums for when you need it.