Building a streamer amp

Hi, I’m in a process of building a new audio amplifier just for streaming music. All components are bought, except the streaming device. I’m currently thinking the up2stream mini will be a great solution, and just trying to read a lot about other projects like this. (not much out there)
Some questions I still haven’t decided on are:
1: Do I need a preamp, to get great volum control and proper line level out?
2: How much better sound will i get with the DAC ext. board.

Appreciate all help.


Hi Petter,
Either the mini or the Pro board would do the job, in answer to your questions;

  1. No additional pre-amp is needed, the output from either board is sufficient.
  2. Not essential, but highly recommended to add a DAC board

Thanks, I think i just have to try. Do you know about the remote control, does it need the IR ext. board?

If the IR receiver diode isn’t in line of site of the remote, then yes.

Thanks :+1: