BP50 Line Outputs Turn Off, Subwoofer Stays On

Hi all, I’m running into an issue with the BP50 where after meeting certain “conditions”, the line outputs will stop outputting a signal. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Here are some more specific notes on my experience and specific setup:

  • My signal chain is from the optical out of TCL 65R646, into the BP50, line out into powered speakers, LFE out into powered sub
  • I’m certain it’s not loose cables since a quick device reboot fixes the issue. Both hard power cycle (the physical switch) and soft power cycle (the remote) bring the line outs back
  • They seem to turn off during periods of silence, almost like a noise gate? I most frequently see the issue when listening to music (without a crossfade) or watching YouTube videos, where there is an obvious silence between tracks/videos
  • It’s very sudden, you’ll be listening to a song with perfect audio, then the next track after the silence, the speakers are gone and only the sub is playing

I’ll also note that I’ve been unable to upgrade the firmware from version 55 to version 56, but it doesn’t seem like that firmware addresses this issue. Thanks in advance for your help/ideas!

I literally just had this happen on mine for the first time and came on here to check on the issue. I’m glad I am not the only one having weird glitches. The line out to my mains suddenly just turned off and the sub kept on playing. Disconnecting the USB-C did not fix it (which was my source at the time). Only powering off the BP50 and turning it back on fixed it.

I have had the same problem for some time with my BP50 connected via ARC to my TCL85C645 TV .
I have noticed that when I change Sources (hdmi1, hdm2, tv, stream) on my TV the Line Out turns off but the Sub Woofer keeps playing. The only remedy that I have found so far is turn the BP50 off then on.
I did not want to update the Firmware because of everything other users went through.
The Specs of the device are great but the Software is TRASH!!! and the Support SUCKS BIG TIME!!!

I would love to make this thing work, but there is no help here!

I’ll follow this issue, thanks for all the kindly patience.