BP50 has bad Bluetooth Tx sound quality

Got my Arylic BP50 a few days ago, and using the ARC input with my TV. The RCA output has been great, but when using the Bluetooth output to my Bluetooth headphone, there is a bit of extra noise every 2-3 seconds.

Edit: Looks like it’s device dependent. The issue happens with my 1Mii ML100 receiver, which works fine with many of my other devices. However, there is no issue when BP50 is paired with my MPOW earbuds.

I guess clipping happened, could try to reduce the source volume and see.

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It’s from HDMI ARC, I don’t think I can control the source volume.

The noise occurs regardless of the Arylic volume (via the Arylic remote). It is worse when I am listening at low volume, likely because the noise is more pronounced by comparison.

I will try with my JBL headphone to see if it’s just limited to MPOW earbuds.

I just tried with my JBL headphones, and there is no issue. I will just chalk it up to an isolated incident with MPOW earbuds. It was surprising because the earbuds were working fine with other devices.