BP50: Firmware Update from Flashdrive Won't Install

Hi there!
Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about this device, I’m just trying to help my S.O. with the firmware update due to several bugs. ;D

So I formatted a flashdrive and copied the unzipped firmware file on it, plugged it into the BP50, doubleclicked the wheel/button.
In the app there’s now the notification that a new firmware version is found on the flashdrive, if I want to update it. So far, so good.
But when I confirm the only thing that happens is all LEDs flash up for half a second, than the red standby LED flashes and then USB.
Nothing gets updated and oftentimes the app then disconnects.

Any ideas or do we have to return it? :confused:

I am having the same issue trying to update from firmware 55-e12492a2-8 to 56-0bf6cc3e-20240130; freshly formatted drive with only the MVA file at the root. I get the prompt to update, tap “Confirm”, then the unit reboots. Reloading the app, it still reads version 55.

The only thing I want fixed in firmware is the analog line output randomly turning off… everything else works great for my purposes! Hopefully this gets solved.

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The Line-out randomly turning off? Maybe you could check the connecting wire and see if it’s loosen or broken somewhere. The device will not have this kind of issue for sure.

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But we’ve got exactly the same problem…

Bento, may I ask which brand of TV you are using with the BP50?

Sure thing, to be specific it’s a TCL 65R646 and I’m getting audio via optical out.

I have some other notes about the line outs cutting off, but I don’t want to hijack your topic so I’ll put them in another thread… but I can guarantee it’s not loose cables!

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I have the same exact issue. Just happened using USB-C as my source. Sub stayed on. Only fix was power off/on.

Same Problem here with a TCL 85C645, the Line out suddenly turns off and only the Subwoofer keeps playing.

It mainly happens when there is a silence or while switching sources in the TV.

Please do not come out saying that is a TCL Specific bug. We deserve a solution!

In our case it’s a Sony Smart TV…