BP50 - Bluetooth forgets devices after powering off and line out issues

I just got a BP50 and have two major issues with it so far.

First, it forgets every Bluetooth headphone/earbud once they are powered off. I pair them, listen, then turn off the headphones/earbuds. The next time I turn on the headphones, it cannot find the BP50 to reconnect. The only way to fix it is to open the app and pair again which is a pain.

Second, I also have the line outs occasionally turning off while the sub out keeps on transmitting. Only a power off/on fixes the BP50.

Third, is there actually a firmware update? I am on version 55. The Arylic support page for firmware updates does not show the BP50: Firmware |

Support is pretty disappointing so far. I am just getting generic questions back from support once a day that were all addressed in my initial email to them. It’s like nobody is reading what was written.

1, Regarding the first issue, we designed in this way and disabled the auto connection back to the paired Bluetooth receiver, to avoid the system connects to headphones without user intention. Maybe this is not a good idea, will discuss and get a solution.
2, the line-out missing issue, will test and feedback. We currently did not see this problem yet.