BP50 audio cuts off

Had my BP50 for a couple of weeks now and it has some odd quirks. First one is that the audio just stops randomly. A power cycle restores it but it will inevitably do it again. Second one is audio can sound quite bad when first powered on. This seems to resolve itself after a short period but I have no idea why it would happen at all. I emailed support and asked them for a potential firmware update but they said there are none currently which is disappointing.

Maybe I got a defective unit but who knows. Does anyone else with the BP50 have a similar experience?


yours is the same as mine

i said in another post this thing fails as a PC dac

i would be hoping the unit works better on BT or rca or optical in.

I’m scared I’m going to wear out the on off switch as I keep having to power cycle it.

I think I’m going to go back to my older more reliable DACs.

Sadly this is basically a B50 with no amps so the issues you see here would also be apparent on the B50 so they havent fix it for ages.

I have the same issue with mine, though I tested the unit with an external DAC and it doesn’t happen. The culprit might be the line driver that has an anti pop circuit that cuts the audio, but due to the poor design they had it cut off too quickly. I’ll investigate the issue but the audio output is really noisy anyway.

That’s too bad. If you find a solution then let me know. Arylic were not helpful at all when I contacted them and I didn’t get much more than “did you plug it in right?.” This is clearly an ongoing problem that they don’t intend to fix. I find the output is noisy for the first couple of minutes and then is ok from then on but the audio cutting out is extremely irritating.

Either way I feel like I have a paperweight.

I just received my BP50 this week, I really like it. I mostly listen with it connected to line in from my TV. Then out to my amp and speakers. It is very solid in this mode. I don’t hear any noise in Line or BT. I have listened to line in for hours and no problems, sounds great.

It took a while to get the BT to pair with my iPhone and iPad, but I finally got it working really well. I was listening to an audio book from my phone via BT and about every half hour the audio would just shut off. The player was still working, the phone was still connected to the BT, I just didn’t hear it anymore. I would cycle the BP50 off with the remote and turn it back on and I heard the program again. This happened 3 times last night,

It is an inexpensive device. I just wish it worked as well in BT as it does in Line in.

yeah that is insanely maddening… the device should be able to work indefinitely… the fact it keeps failing on whatever input after a certain amount of indeterminate time means there is some odd fault that may or may not be rectified in firmware,

as far as I’m concerned the B50 family is not fit for purpose.

Was any testing done on this? How is it possible a device sold told dies after a few hours and has to be reset?

Its crazy. This is a paperweight. I feel sorry for people who paid $120+ for the B50.

I’m interested to see if there’s a glitch in firmware. Connect through Bluetooth into the GoControl app turn off ARC standby. Let me know if that fixes it.

I’m encountering the same issue. But for me, it mostly happens when I’m watching netflix and netflix goes from the end of one episode to the next. During that jump, BP50 usually drops the signal and I have to wait for a while for the audio to get back online. It is as if the switch causes the device to reboot or something.

One other nagging thing is when my TV is idle for quite some time, BP50 just stops working as if it has gone into sleep mode.

Maybe the BP50 has some weird implementation of sleep mode that turns itself off in these cases?

FYI I am connecting it via HMDI ARC and ARC standby is turned off in both cases.

I had to do a reboot of the unit on the physical switch before the ARC standby off feature worked. It shut off once after turning off ARC standby. Now 30 hours later it seems to be flawless. Hopefully fixed for good!

Same Problem here!
Anyone Arylics reading this Forum?