Blaupunkt ca. 1930

Hello, I would like to introduce my most recent conversion, a Blaupunkt loudspeaker from around 1930. I wanted to modify this as little as possible on the outside, but bring it up to date internally, a Mini V2 is installed on a Creative T20 active system found on the street. See some detailed pictures here. Thanks to the ACP Workbench, the whole thing is easily adaptable. Greetings from Erfurt.


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The old 1930 speaker technology looks very interesting. I have never seen that before. I think this is the perfect use for the arylic and this old speaker. The IR sensor is next to the led in the center of the speaker,richtig?

Hi Crossgolf, yes, in Final_7 Pic at the “Center” of the Black Box see the orginal IR-Receiver, around 1AM/PM Clock…best Xo.