Best way to connect Midbass Speakers and AMT Tweeter to Up2Stream Amp Stereo

I like to upgrade a very old radio device by a Up2Stream Amp.
Imagine, I like to connect to every stereo-channel a Midbass Speaker GFWB-50 and a AMT-7.
Then I need a filter?
Can you recommend one?
Or is there a more elegant way?

Regards Christian

The AMP board could be configured with different digital filter for each output channel, eg: you could set a high pass to work with a tweeter on L channel, and set a low pass to work with the midbass speaker on R channel. And set the output channel to MONO L+R, so it will work as a 2way speaker :slight_smile:

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I got my Arylic device. I did it, like you sayed.
Works really good!
The disadvantage is that I have two amplifiers for stereo.