Best way on-off

Hi i have a amp v4 but i think this question, might be simmilar to all.
What is the best way to switch it on and off.
Power on-off it works but i need a manual work
The switch at the back, press short it work, but how many watt energy does it pull.
One thing i thougt great is the setting „zeitgesteuertes schlessen“ in german, what should that do. I set it 10 minutes and rhe device switches of after 10 min great, but…
A switch on the power switch will make the led burn, but i get no connection, first a power off-on will bring it back to life.
Is that a bug, or an other feature.
Thanks for clarifying

Let me try to ask a specific question.
How should the „zeitgest schliessen“ the last line in the main settings, work.
When i let schliessen , close in englisch i am not able to wake it up anymore, except by power off,on.

It should be a bug, and need to fix.