Beep on Arylic Up2Stream Pro V3

Hi all,
i have 5 Up2Stream Pro V3 Boards since some months. Now i have a big Problem with 2 Boards: The Boards plays a Beep Sound sporadically. I Have no Buttons connected to the Board. Any ideas?


Welcome to the Forum, it’s a very friendly and positive space with plenty of helpful people helping each other.

Personally I have not come across this problem. The only time I hear a beep is when I use a remote control and it is certainly not sporadic.

I guess you could swap the physical position of 2 x Beeping Boards with 2 x Non Beeping Boards. If the the problem follows the boards then it would indicate some sort of hardware problem.

Maybe check all boards are the same Hardware generation and Firmware ??

That’s all I can offer, nothing concrete :slight_smile:

Regards, Kevin

Maybe they catch ir comands from another remote in the room? I have beep sound only when I’m using remote.

Hi Chris, sorry for the late. Did you still suffer from this issue?

Interesting, i just want to turn on the beep via uart (because there is no led feedback when using the remote) but it doesn’t do anything. I do something wrong?