BBC removal of streams from internet radio

As an owner of 5 streaming amplifiers I am concerned at the BBC’s removal of access to their internet streams from mid 2023. I have emailed support, with no luck so far, about including the BBC Sounds app in their interface, similar to Spotify and Qobuz which I both use. The bbc is intersted in people ‘Loggin in’ to their streams, through the BBC Sounds app, presumably to doccument their customer/listener base etc.
I am asking Arylic to integrate the BBC Sounds in their system so that people who currently listed to bbc streams via ‘internet radio’ can still do so after min 2023. If this doesnt happen people will have to resort to using bluetooth to use Arylic amplifiers, which is a bit crap really…

How do you propose Arylic integrate BBC sounds. This is an APP so that would only work if the BBC develop their app for this platform which would need to have some minimum hardware requirements like a touch screen. For the limited volume of BBC listeners who use this kit it would not be worth the BBC doing this.

You could connect via bluetooth from the app as you suggest but I would recommend Airplay as this has fewer range issues. I do this all the time

Firstly I do not belong to the apple eco-system and secondly am pretty sure that Qobuz didnt work too hard to have their app ‘integrated’ (and I use that phrase loosely) into the arylic system. I’m sure it’d not take too much effort for them to somehow take an existing stream (from the BBC sounds app) and play it through their amplifier… The real issue for me is that using Bluetooth for playback means that you have to be in close range and that if a call comes in the sound stops… Also the multiroom will not work via Bluetooth, not as I know, not absolutely sure of this though… The idea of putting sounds on and not being tied to the amplifier (bluetooth or I guess airplay) was my main appeal to the arylic system…

Well airplay works because Arylic support that, they don’t support chromecast (i have no idea what challenges supporting that brings). So to me what it sounds like you want Arylic to do is support chromecast as they already support the other two streaming protocols that the Sounds app delivers.

I had a similar problem in that I have a google home hub that would not connect to my Arylic system because the amp was too far away for BT and no chrome cast support. So to address this I put another up2stream PRO on my network away from the main amp but close to the hub. The hub now connects to this via BT and this is in a group with the other amps giving multiroom audio.

Hi, Well I guess Arylic heard me as now they have a dedicated ‘BBC Radio’ section in the 4stream app, fantastic!

Thats good for live streams at least

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Ahh, it’s in the Internet Radio section.

It’s just in the list, where it should be!

I know right? I screen captured every available option and it’s not in there on its own as you can see from my post. Very odd…

Same version as me?

Maybe a country thing. I’m in Canada.

I too used to connect to the BBC when it worked in the ‘Internet Radio’ section. And was excited to see that a new ‘BBC’ section was reported by Timberdog. Yet like Wilbour I don’t see it in my 4Stream (android) anywhere. Is it country defined? I’m in the US. Any further insights? Thanks.