B50SE Firmware Upgrade

Dear Forum and Support Team.

I am the owner of a B50SE unit purchased from Amazon.
I have seen that some of the issues that I have faced (FAT 32 USB Support, USB Song List and others) have been fixed with B50 Firmware ARYLIC_B50-0052-452f344c-20230703.MVA. I have tried to upgrade my B50SE unit with that Firmware but it simply does not work. I thought that if both units share the same GoControl App maybe the could use the same firmware but I have had no success.

My direct questions to the Arylic Support Team:

  • What is the latest Firmware version for the B50SE. Mine is running 51-933309b3-8 (Please see the attached picture)?

  • Are you going to release a newer version with the fixes and enhacements found in the latest B50 Firmware ARYLIC_B50-0052-452f344c-20230703.MVA?
  • Why is the B50SE model not mentioned in this Forum and does it not have a defined topic?

Thanks in advance for your quick support. (SARCASM)

Victor Lopez

Hi @Victor_Lopez this is Joy from Arylic.

Sorry, there is no need to upgrade B50SE currently.

We usually update to the newest firmware for every new product.
So, you can use your B50SE without any concern😁

You have the latest B50SE with full features.

Hi Joy,
I do have concerns and issues regarding the B50SE, otherwise I would not been seeking support.
I was trying to upgrade the Firmware of the B50SE because I read that the new Firmware of the B50 fixed some of the issues that I had with the B50SE like:
.- Can not see the Songs list stored in the USB while using that Input.
.- Can not use FAT32 thumbdrives
.- Can not store Customs EQ settings
and others.

Do you realize that there is not a single mention of the B50SE product in this support forum (besides my post)?

What kind of support do you offer?



Hi Victor, we’re now working on B50 new firmware, and will also release a version for B50SE. These two actually share the code base, but with a small hardware difference, so can’t share the same firmware.

Any progress on this or can I simply throw the B50SE to the trash???

oh no, we’re almost there to have a release. And some work on APP not finished yet.

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You were almost there back in november. Any news about it???

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: