B50 sound volume problem - needing to use tv remote for channels and B50 remote for sound volume


Just received my B50 yesterday, which I bought specifically for using as TV speaker output from my Hisense TV. Have connected tv to B50 via ARC and sound is in sync with tv so all good there but I am having difficulty in the sound volume department.

As the thread title says, I am having to use the tv remote for channel hopping and the B50 remote for sound volume. I’m having to do this because if I use my tv remote for the sound volume I get a symbol displaying/fading on the right-hand side of the screen which looks like a picture of a speaker with a line through it - almost like a mute symbol.

I’d like a way of just using my tv remote for both channel changing and volume control in an easy way. Also, the volume doesn’t seem audible until I get up to 26+ for some reason.

Do I have to somehow set the tv volume at a level, save it and then switch over to the B50 remote or something. Hope I have explained myself properly as am not a audiophile - just wanted better quality sound from my tv than the tv own in-built speakers.

Many thanks.

Can anyone help with this, please?

Still nobody from Arylic offering any help or support?

Have messaged Arylic through Amazon and the same non-response.