b50 sound from pc

i have my b50 in a bedroom , pc , stereo set up and cant figure out how best to get sound from my pc outside of the usb / dac port ?
my pc only has one hdmi out. my monitor is currently using the dvi port so i have the hdmi spare but am unsure if i can run sound from the pc’s hdmi port to the arc port on the b50? well ive tried and got no sound / connection .

any help much appreciated.


The HDMI output of a PC is not compatible with the HDMI (ARC) of a B50.
HDMI (ARC) is a feature that allows audio from a TV to be sent to external speakers or soundbars through the TV’s HDMI port.

In my experience the best sound input source to the B50 is the USB C connection. This may be because the signal stays at 48 kHz and avoids any resampling and A2D conversion. Below is the typical signal path diagram for the MVSilicon audio chip. The digital inputs are preferable to the analog ones as less conversion and resampling going on.
Bluetooth and HDMI also sound good as long as the device sending the signal is up to the task. I think USBC>BT>HDMI>Optical>Analog in.


will thanks for the reply.
im afraid i was guilty of chasing higher bit rates etc when maybe it wasnt necessary.
ill stick to usbc.