b50 remote doesn't work


I am setting up my B50 and the remote control doesn’t seem to work. Is there anything I need to do to pair or some button combination to press to get it to work?
I have fresh AAA batteries in the device and I press a button and nothing happens.
Should there be an LED that activates on the remote when a button is pressed?
Please help, this is very frustrating.

Thank you.

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FIxed this problem by contacting customer service. They were very helpful.


encountered exactly the same problem with 2 devices. Any hints about how to resolve that issue? Am I making any mistake? - Best regards +++ mheimberg

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This is straight from Arylic! Try this, it helped fix my problem.

This is the text of the message and the video is below:


Regarding the B50 remote control does not light up, our technical department has carried out tests and investigations.

  1. It should be poor contact of the positive pole (the spring is too concave), you can try to dial out the positive pole a little bit, the specific operation can be based on the following instructional video.

  2. Some non-standard batteries, the electrode head is a little shorter, whcih will also have poor contact problems.

arylic remote fix MConverter.eu

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I ran into the same situation (remote not working at all) and extending the positive battery contacts per the video above worked well for me. Don’t stretch the positive battery contact too far as that can cause the positive tip of the battery to be pushed out of the battery and not make very good contact in a different way. (I also suggest using a small screwdriver rather than a sharp object(?) like the one shown in the video.)

The design of the battery compartment seems to be the problem; there is some plastic that hits the “shoulder” of at least one of the AAA batteries that prevents the tip of the battery(ies) from making good contact. (I used standard Duracell AAA batteries, so it appears to be a battery compartment design rather than “non-standard” batteries.)

Hopefully Acrylic will modify the tooling of their remote(s) to fix this issue since it can be very frustrating/confusing during the B50 out-of-box/setup process.

I fully agree to your analysis: “The battery compartment … wasn´t designed very well.” I tried with 2 different brands of batteries (very popular in Germany), but to no avail. As a workaround, I soldered a little “pill” onto the + contact of the battery. But this is not a real solution for everyone, of course.

Sorry for the uncomfortable experience. And thanks for the kindness and feedback. We’ve already modified the tooling to hold battery better, so this problem won’t happen in next batch.

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Frank, thank you for the update regarding the change to the battery compartment tooling. It is great to find a company that actually reads the feedback in the forums and takes the time to reply. Very much appreciated! :smile: