B50 Phono Input - RIAA Digital or Analog?

Hi - Does the B50 phono input apply the RIAA curve with an analog circuit or digitally? I know that the phono input is analog and that it will be converted to a digital signal to allow for processing/streaming. All phono signals need an RIAA EQ curve applied, so I am curious as to if this is done digitally or by analog means.

Also - is there an adjustment capability for the input impedance of the phono input? I have an MC 0.3mV cartridge that would need a 100ohm input impedance.

Thank you!

Hi DS, that’s a really good question and one that @Frank will need to jump in and answer.

The RIAA EQ can be achieved digitally, but what intrigues me is how is the wide range of input voltages are handled? As you are probably aware, MC cartridges usually require an additional gain stage.

@zpl1025 can you assist please

The B50 is using analog EQ for the Phono input.