B50 not saving EQ settings

My B50 will not save any of the preset EQ settings !
I created my own custom baseline EQ in ACP workbench and saved under the name “Base EQ”.
This config was saved to flash in ACP WB under the same name (in slot 0).
Now in the Go Control app the "Base EQ"name appears as the first of the 6 EQ presets but every time the unit is powered off and back On the EQ is not active.
Same thing for the remaining 5 presets.
For instance if I have “Classical” selected and shut off power, this EQ is not active when power is turned back on. In all the above cases, the Go Control says it is in this selected EQ mode.

I had another B50 a couple weeks ago that I damaged by plugging in a USB C Connector into the USB A port and shorting out the 5v.

Prior to the damage, that unit did not have this issue.
Both units were updated with the latest firmware !

Hoping there is some setting in ACP WB or elsewhere I’m missing ???

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I had a similar issue where the settings were not persistent after a shutdown. I think i resolved it by doing a settings reset from the drop-down menu in ACP WB. From what I can gather EQ settings saved from ACP WB replace the Flat EQ in GoControl . There is also a reset button at the back of the B50 but I haven’t tried that.

Nothing ??
Does Arylic actually monitor this Forum ?
I think it is a bug in the latest code since I was not able to verify after loading the latest code on the first unit I had. I was in the process of connecting to USB C port when I blew up first unit.

Hi, the issue you’ve described is not expected for sure, will look into it.

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I have the same problem, especially with the Deep Base toggle in the app.

I have the latest Go Control Android app and the latest B50 firmware.

Open the app, connect to B50, turn Deep Bass Boost on. You will hear the base boost. Close the app. Open the app again and connect to the B50. The Deep Base toggle will be turned off.

The custom equalization is equally dodgy. Sometimes you can hear the sound change as the settings change., and sometimes the sound doesn’t change when the settings change. It is hard to tell if the settings are saved. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes you need to open and close the app several times while changing the equalization to hear the settings and have them save.

Need this resolved ASAP.
The $20 I paid for ACP workbench is useless !

ok, we’ll work on this.

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And a month later still no fix.

thanks for the patience, will push it.

And still nothing !

Let me reiterate the issue.
In ACP workbench, I create a custom EQ and save that EQ as flat in ACP.
I then save this to the B50 under “Save configuration to flash”.
My EQ curve is now the default until power is turned off and the EQ is no longer active after power is On again. If I go back into ACP the effect (EQ) is off (see pic below).
If I turn the EQ back On then it works until power is Off again.

The previous Firmware did not do this.
Either fix the issue or let me revert back to the old firmware.

As a work round it may be possible to make EQ adjustments in the left and right channels as these seem to be persistent and active after a reboot.

Yes, this worked !
I may get out my mini DSP mic and run Room EQ wizard for left & right speakers.
Previously I just ran some test tones on both channels and listened by ear.

Thank you for the tip.