B50 - No aptX when using Bluetooth Headphones/Headsets

Hi there!

I tried to pair three headsets/headphones/earbuds, two of them with aptX and one with aptx-HD support, and when the headphones connect with the B50 I don’t get it to work with aptX. Every time it only uses the SBC Codec and I can hear the delay and the difference between aptx and SBC (source is my PC connected via USB to the B50).
With my Smartphones the BT-Headphones are using aptX without an issue.
And using the B50 as a BT Receiver with my Smartphones it uses aptX without any issues. Only the TX-feature has these problems.

I allready updated to the newest Firmware but the problem is still persistent.
On the Product page it says clearly aptX for transmission and reception.

Do you have any suggestions or an answer to solving my Problem?

Thank you in advance!

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will check and report


Hi rson.

I’m a tester and the B50 itself is APTX. In the test, I used B50 to connect another B50 in Tx mode, and the sound output was normal. Might be something wrong with your steps. .
as follows:

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