B50 GoControl

  1. The B50 bass Deep Bass function on the go control app seems to be set at around 30% intensity by default. This can be too much depending on the speakers being used. It would be good if the intensity can be adjusted from the app. Currently I use the ACP workbench tool to adjust the bass intensity to 15% but it would be nice if the GoControl app had a similar option.

  2. The Classical preset in GoControl seems to be adding 3D effect and harmonics to some degree when selected. This is my preferred listening preset and I am curious what effects are being applied when it i selected. It would be nice to have access to the harmonic excitation and 3D music effects from the GoControl app directly as opposed to using the ACP tool.

  3. Changes made in GoControl do not show up in the ACP tool and vice versa. It would be good if settings read the same in both apps to avoid confusion as to exactly which adjustments are being made.

  4. It would be nice if a custom IR code for volume adjustment be added to the B50. Ideally this would be managed through GoControl. The user would input the code signature in the GoControl app that corresponds to some buttons presses from a different remote control.

The B50 sounds amazing when it is dialed in and adjusted to the speakers and room.

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