B50 being quite noisy …

a few days ago I got the B50 and it is quite noisy when connected to my speakers and switched on: There is a constantly rush (like white noise) when getting closer than 1/2 Meter to the speakers.

Anyone else having this issue?

The noise even appears with quite low volumes (…. Well, can’t tell you a percentage because of this strange volume level behavior).

@Wonko80 the A50 series has the same problem, I think the same weak output stage…

Yes, there is a hissing sound coming from my 8-ohm bookshelf speakers. When I connect larger 4-ohm speakers, the volume of the noise/hissing is a bit lower, but it is still noticeable from a short distance. This means that I cannot use the B50 for near-field listening, as the hissing is quite annoying.

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