B50 amp does not lie flat

Does anyone have a problem with there B50 rocking on a flat surface, front right on 2 units I own is lifted about one quarter inch from table. If you touch the unit it on the front it rocks back and forth. I noticed if you take the cover off or back the screws out it lies flat.

Has it got a QC sticker on it? :joy:

No just a serial number on the bottom. Last three digits 133.
I assume this the 133 one built.

Not good though, someone should have checked the product prior to packaging and dispatch.


Yeah, I unpacked my B50 and wondered the same. Its not standing flat and rocks quite a bit when touched. The Case i warped and thats the reason for this issue. Would have expected a better QC for such a more pricey device!

Tried to bent it back a little bit but to no avail.