B50 32v power supply.

Hi… Has anyone tried a 32v power supply on their B50?
My Dali zensor bookshelves could do with a little more power. Cheers.

I read that the amp chip used in the B50 is the ACM3128A. The data sheet shows a 26.4 volt limit so I don’t imagine a 32V power suply can be used. Have you tried different inputs? In my experience optical gets louder than BT out of the box. The ACP workbench tool allows gain to be adjusted for the various inputs but may not help if your speakers are difficult to drive.

Thank you for the reply William. I will definitely stick to 24v then. I will try out the ACP workbench tool. As I have noticed Bluetooth is louder than Hdmi.
My little Dali’s are hard to drive. I previously used a emotiva TA-100, similar power… But Watts don’t always tell the whole story.