Auto power on aftte power loss

there is setup for automatic switch on after power loss?

Thank you.

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@andreag0 Andrea,

Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of supportive and friendly people which here that can help you :slight_smile:

Power Loss ?
Do you mean Loss of Power then the Power is restored ? (example a power cut)

What Arylic Device do you have ?
The behaviour can be product specific :thinking:

Regards, Kevin

I am also interested in this feature but I need that the units after power recovery don’t start to play. I have 4 pcs Amp2.0 V4 and 2 pcs AMP 2.1, all in a multiroom solution, but after power loss and recovery, most of the units starts to play from USB flash which are attached in each player. Any hint to disable this autoplay function?