Auto play after power cut

I’m interested in the Arylic S10 streamer and would like it to star playing automatically the last source (ideally an internet radio station) after a power cut (AC power off and on). Is that possible? Or maybe a default behavior? Or maybe any of the DIY boards would have such feature?

I’m assuming you don’t currently have an S10 to run this test? Mine always connects to my network (wired) after a power failure. Perhaps that’s just the default setting.

I’ll check it later today.

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No, not yet. I’ve already ordered it and will be checking in a few days. I’m trying to see if it will fully work in my environment. Basically I want to set it up on a defined net radio station and make sure it will constantly play it even after power failure.

So I have an S10 as a slave in my system. An S50 Pro+ is the master.

While running I disconected the power to my S10 (slave) and waited 30 seconds. Then I reconnected the power and watched it boot up. It resumed playing what it was being sent by the master.

Bear in mind, the only source connected to the S10 is the network cable and it was not playing music on it’s own but being fed from another S50.

If I remember correctly, if you power off the unit it will reconnect to the source but won’t continue playing the original stream selection. It just awaits your input to resume.

If you were hoping to have a remote switch on the S10 so that if you leave the room you could just flip the power off, then return and flip the switch back on and have it pick up right where you’ve left off, I doubt this would be possible.

If on the other hand your use ot like slave to another unit, then it should reconnect and resume bing a slave to the master.

Let us know more of your plans and perhaps we can offer some creative solutions.

Many thanks for quick response!
My use case is that I plan to have S10 as a streaming source, mainly for Internet radio stations, to be connected to existing full house audio distribution.
Id like to have it as simple to manage as possible and reliable enough so that the elderly people don’t have to do anything in case of a power cut or if there is internet connectivity problem that they just power cycle the device.
If that would be possible out of the box that would be great.
I’m also tinkering a plan B: connect it through a esp device with e.g. esphome firmware. In that case I could even use the Arylic’s API and start the stream in case it stops playing.

Ahh, yes, I understand now. Here is a possible solution. You can program the remote so that #1 on the preset starts a to open the station of choice, regardless of the previous use. I believe the user would only have to power on the unit and press 1.

I do understand that there are circumstances where this could be too involved when we set things up for seniors.


So the device has arrived and I’ve started playing with it. Indeed it does not auto start playing after power cut but at least I could store the favorite net radio station to the presets. I can trigger them from remote.
But now the fun part comes. I’ve flashed a smart plug with esphome and configured it with Arylic’s API in a way that it will start the preset 1 in case it stops playing. I can also get some info from the device so esphome is aware of the state etc. Probably I’ll do a few more things e.g. resetting the power in case the network connection is lost. What a wonderful device! Availability of API makes so many possibilities :slight_smile:
Additionally I have set up some alarms so it switches to a radio station with according to favorite programs’ schedule. It should also make it a bit more resilient to network problems

Anyway it would be a great feature if the device could start playing the last thing after power cut. Is there a process I could request such feature? That should not be difficult to do.

I would love to see the unit set up and the other smart devices you have integrated into this.

Feel free to share your setup with photos.

It is actually quite simple.
The Arylic S10 has just 4 presets stored with favorite internet radio stations.
I have flashed a Tuya smart plug with esphome firmware. Configuration is available here:

It simply checks every 30 seconds if the S10 is in playing state, if not it restores last preset, if there is no last one it will play preset 1. If it can’t reach the API of S10 it will restart the relay so it goes back online - this helps in case any network connectivity problem of the S10 or in case someone turns it off e.g. with remote or the button in the back.
I’ve made some tests e.g. complete power cut, S10 power off, S10 pause etc and seems to work as expected.
I’ll be installing it in target place on the following weekend and will see how it works in a longer run.

Btw, regarding photos, there is nothing special here :slight_smile: But I’ll take it once installed in the target location (most likely somewhere behind a tv or so)

Wow, this is a whole new world for me. I’m going to have to delve into this. Thanks for the inspiration!

I have two V3 minis and they forget everything when they lose power I have to start from scratch completely. Maybe because they have no ethernet and only Wi-Fi? I don’t know but it’s very annoying. One good thing is although they lose their set up they always seem to remember the Wi-Fi password. They also forget what they’ve been playing between three days and a week without the using the app

Short update after a weekend of experiencing the new setup. As such it works as expected, S10 is now monitored and controlled by the smart plug running esphome firmware.
Unfortunately that firmware is not very robust when it comes to running http requests (which is used to call the S10 API) - it crashes and reboots quite often. Ocassionally causing the S10 to reboot as well. I’ll see after a couple of weeks if it is stable enough or a different solution would be required.
The best would be probably to write a custom firmware for the smart plug (I think it could be done in an arduino framework) but this is a bit beyond my skills.
I’ll think about some other solution e.g. python program (this would be within reach of my skills) running on a lightweight computer like raspberypi zero or similar.

Mine keeps all settings without any issue after power cut. I’d suggest to contact Arylic support as this is not normal.

Hey AdamDr,
Sorry for the delayed reply, I kind of gave up on getting support for this product line.
I did initiate contact through chat, still awaiting reply. Prob should have emailed.
Do you have V3 mini too ?
I have 2 properly syncing now and only master has an optical input board added.