Audio & video streaming: sync problem?

A friend of mine wants to exchange his television into a projector/beamer. So, the beamer will be connected to the television set-top box of his TV & Internet provider. And from the beamer I need to stream the audio wirelessly to active wireless speakers.

The issue:
Short version of the issue: although I can connect everything in working order and I have the ability to make settings for audio/video sync, I can’t get the synching right.

With TV’s this is normally a matter of making settings in the menu for ‘audio delay’, ‘lip sync’ or ‘frame delay’. But most beamers or TV set-top boxes don’t have these settings.
Nevertheless, I was lucky to find a beamer that does have settings for audio delay. The beamer is an ‘Optoma CinemaX P2’, and in the audio menu it has these settings named ‘Digital Output Delay’, though they only work on the digital Audio output (S/PDIF).

The speakers are built by me. They are active speakers with integrated amp, and I added the Up2Stream Mini to make them wireless.

To get the audio from the beamer and convert it into wireless, I first connected a converter box to take the S/PDIF digital signal from the beamer, and convert in into analog to get it into an Arylic S10 at the AUX-in (mini-jack). The S-10 is than configured as a kind of audio hub, both speakers are added to the S-10 in one group.

Findings & Considerations

  • At the beamer side, I have experimented with settings for audio delay. This can be done in steps of 10ms (between -50ms and +50ms). Also I have experimented with frame delay in the video settings menu of the beamer. Result: none of the settings made a change. I would expect to see/hear smaller or larger delay between audio & video, but I could not see/hear any change in the delay I started with.
  • The converter box might be an issue, as conversion from digital to analog in this box, takes time. But also happens again in the other direction in the S10 and the Mini inside the speaker.

Does anyone have experience with this / suggestions / ideas?

@zpl1025 : Do you know about this, or know someone with some experience or ideas?

you better search for the wireless audio transferring module for this kind of setup, Linkplay solution has large delay between the sound heard and input.


What kind of ‘wireless audio transferring module’ do you mean Frank?