Audio Throughput Delay on Pro/s50

My goal:
Connect audio from one of my TVs into my whole house audio to allow any zone to listen to the audio coming from the TV.

I’ve tested streaming audio input from one DIY amp v4 to another amp v4 and have noticed about a 1 second delay.


  1. Can I use either DIY pro board or S50 to take input and immediately send to the output to effectively put this device inline with the speakers currently attached to the TV?
  2. If I use one of those to take an input from the TV, would the local output during a multizone setup be delayed an equal amount to the other zones?
  3. Will that delay go away if the device is not involved in streaming the input audio to other zones?

I would only use this setup for watching things like sports games, fights, car races, etc where the delay thats introduced isn’t a major issue. I have 1 zone that is physically close enough where a local vs remote zone delay could be irritating. I would want the delay to go away when watching something where audio not synced with on screen would be irritating like a regular tv show or movie.

Hi, while the audio data transferred over network, the device must prepare a buffer to make the audio output smooth. So it’s impossible to remove this delay (audio out and video frames) while grouped with multiroom function. The only solution is using TV which support to adjust this video/audio delay, so you could delay the video frames properly to match the audio.

Hi Frank,
Thanks for that information. I can work with the delay. Will the output of the local device (DIY pro/s50) have a similar delay to the remote zones when configured? Will that delay go away when not joined to a multi zone?

I just performed a test with a couple DIY amp v4 boards and I’m happy with the result.

I plugged a digital piano into unit1 with passive speakers being powered by unit1. Stand-alone play was immediate as one would expect when plugging into an amplifier. Sound was in sync with me playing the notes.

Next step was I added unit2 as part of the group. The local unit introduced about a 1-2 second delay from pressing the keys, but it was in great sync with the second unit. No delay. No echo. The two units seemed to be in perfect sync for the short time I was testing. The overall output was delayed as expected by notes above.

Frank, can you confirm the pre-amp (s50 or DIY pro) devices behave similar to above?