Audio drops out / skips

My audio drops out completely for about a second, every 5-10 minutes.
Does anybody else see this?
I’m using Up2Stream Pro and mini, have 5 devices, Wi-fi connected, strength is 95% or 100% for all devices (I don’t believe that 100% though - when I group the devices, doesn’t the master / control device create its own, weaker, wi-fi network that all the slave devices use?)
I have 4.6.337862.25 or 4.6.337862.7
4 STREAM 2.8.10212

Hi Lindsay, you grouped all device together? And could you try group 2 devices and give it a try.

Btw, the latest multiroom feature will work with router, not stand alone hotspot. So all data will go through the router, that might rely on router performance also.

I tried with only two devices grouped: I still hear dropouts.
I tried with only one device: no dropouts.

I am not using a hotspot: I am using a pace router from AT&T, not using the routers Wi-fi: I am using Amplifi wireless access points, hard-wired to the router.
I don’t think router performance is the issue, but is there any way to test that?

Of course, I want the whole-house audio feature, and it’s not working very well now.

I have similar results on equivalent A30 (complete amp) when fed from network S10 (preamp source) wifi or hardwired. When using line out from another S10 to the A30 (aux in) the sound is rock solid so I suspect the A30 network firmware is the fault? See my message “A30 audio skip” CAT22.
For now I’m bought S10 preamps and taking their “Aux out” to really cheap 3rd party amps which ends up about %150 more than standalone A30s (and extra box).

Agreed however you do have an additional point of failure with

  1. AT&T Router
  2. Amplifi wireless access points (I know nothing about these)
  3. Arylic Devices

I would suggest at least ruling out No. 2 as the problem. Presuming you have 2 x PRO Devices plug them both Hard Wired into the Router Physical Ports. Still getting drop outs ? If yes then move on to next test.

btw not sure what the nest test is yet but at least try 2 x Arylic Devices in the most favourable conditions in your LAN :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, Kevin