Audio delay

Hello, i’ve 4 Pro 3 boards.
I would like have simultaneous listening from 4 speakers.
Which is the best configuration to reach no delay in single room configuration?

So to confirm, you propose to use a separate Pro board to drive each individual speaker? I assume that they are powered speakers 2 being left and 2 being right channel? if this is the case then you would just link them as a group.

Right, group is the right way to configure it in anycase.
I’m asking about the audio delay of the group.
Almost it’s caused by wireless connection, and partilly caused by position of the speakers on the room.
There is any possibilities to adjust it o make it better ?

Not that I’m aware, I haven’t used the ACPWorkbench audio effect tuning tool, but I don’t think that it includes a digital delay, which is probably what you need to tweak milliseconds. A user of the Arylic software can correct me if I’m wrong.

You could try relocating the speakers, try to avoid any interruptions to the wifi signal like walls etc.