Audio delay: managing audio/video synching with a beamer

I have built a wireless stereo speaker system with two active HiFi speakers, each with an Up2Stream Mini.
These two wireless speakers are to be connected to a beamer, so movies will be projected on a large screen and sound will be streamed wirelessly to the two speakers. The video input for the beamer is coming from a smart-TV settop box.

To get the sound from the beamer to the speakers, I intend to connect an Up2Stream S10 to the Audio-OUT on the beamer. (And set the S10 to Line-IN)

The challenge is to get the audio and video stream in synch. As the audio will be converted and buffered, there will be a delay between the audio and the video (out of synch).
On modern television sets, a function is available named ‘audio delay’ or ‘lip sync’. Adjusting settings here will re-sync the audio and video.


  1. Does anyone have experience with beamers and synching audio and video?
  2. Does anyone know beamers that have a kind of ‘audio delay’ or ‘lip sync’ functionality?

Hope to hear your feedback!

As far as I know, these are audio devices only. I haven’t found a way to synch sound with picture.

So far I have seen some with an audio delay function. The manual of one of them tells, that the audio delay functions with the beamer internal speakers. So I am not sure if it does the same with the audio signal on the audio-out connector on the beamer.