Audio crackling?

Has anyone else experienced any intermittent audio crackling issues?

I’m using the Arylic B50 to drive some bookshelf speakers with HDMI ARC output from my LG C9 TV where the primary audio source is my Nvidia Shield Pro.

I’m hearing some small, intermittent crackles in audio both when watching various video sources (eg YouTube app or Kodi running on Nvidia Shield) and audio only sources (casting music from my phone to the Nvidia Shield via YouTube Music) but I can’t consistently reproduce the issue at the same timestamp in the same source multiple times.

Any tips or settings I can play with? Thanks so much.

I also noticed the Bluetooth connected chime itself crackles.

I tried using ultra premium certified HDMI 2.1 cables and there was no change. Separately, I tried using the Arylic B50 as a USB output to the Nvidia Shield and that works fine without any crackling. Out of curiosity, I bought the NAD D 3045 and it works just fine with HDMI ARC without crackling. So, the issue is clearly with the Arylic B50 HDMI ARC implementation. Bummer!

Hi, maybe is is related to your issue. I have a couple of S10 units, and the S10s also have this problem. It sounds like very low noise, crackling noise. They all have it. Seems to be an issue in the unit.

I already reached out when I ordered my first S10, where after Arylic wanted to swap the unit (I did not send it back for that money), but I ordered new ones, with the hope that the new ones do not have it. Unfortunately they all have it.

Probably Chinese cheap components used. That relates to the price.

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Hi Ivar,
I have 4 Pro boards (the same board that’s in a S10) and have never had any issues like you are describing. Have you tried the unit with another amp/system and see if you get the same issue?

FWIW I only experience this issue with HDMI ARC. Usb, Bluetooth, etc are totally fine, so I don’t think it’s an issue with Arylic hardware in general.

Sorry mate, I didn’t mean to hijack your thread, just trying to help Ivar.
His problem is probably more related to ethernet issues or em interference.

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I’m having the same issue with my BP50 through the ARC input only. Super irritating. Also audio drops from the TV every now and again. Might be the ARC standby mode in the app. Hopefully they can fix this in firmware…