AS100 on wifi, but not in app

I’m setting up a new SA100 and I’m having a problem. The setup works all the way to the end, but times-out on the final part. I hear the speaker tell me it’s connected to Wifi, and I can see the MAC address listed on my AP. The 4stream app on my Android can’t see it.

I know it’s connected to Wifi. I can see it has an IP address. It’s not responding to ping. It’s not responding on any open ports. It’s responding to arp, but that’s it.

If I plug in an ethernet cable, it’s visible in 4stream. If I connect to built-in personal hotspot, it’s visible in 4stream. Using my home wifi, it’s not visible in 4stream. I’ve tried re-pairing and factory resets multiple times.

It kinda feels like local port filtering on my home network, but I don’t have any! I’m out of ideas.