Arylic Up2Stream V3 Pro with VW Radio

Have been looking for a DIY module for a long time that is suitable to convert my old VW radio.

The Arylic Up2stream Pro V3 is just great. I also bought the Spdif (Toslink) adapter and keypad. I can simply connect to the V3 Pro board using the cables supplied.

I soldered the buttons of the original radio to the keypad, so that you can control the tracks, volume, start, stop, operating modes (WiFi / Bluetooth, Aux) from the VW radio. If you now set an automation on the iPhone, the device connects automatically when you get into the car.

The great thing is that you set an operating mode in the software, e.g. that you use Bluetooth as standard, then the device saves this, even if the power is switched off for days. When it is used again, it connects in the last used mode.

First I removed the old circuit board. Old Vw Alpha / Gamma / Delta Radios are great for this project, because you have an upper and lower cover, which is not soldered with original platine. You can easy remove these covers, because they are only plugged on the case.
For dismantle old electronics, it is helpful to have desoldering pump.
After solving all soldering joints, you can easy pull out old board.

Great is, that these radios have separate platine for buttons in the front. This can be used. But attention: original front circuit board must be edited, because it is connected in another way.
You can easy cut the circuits, so that every switch i seperated from the other switches.

Now you can solder on wires, which can be connected to platine or keypad.

For power supply i used a standard 12V to 5V module. This is soldered on the original plug from Radio. So you can use your standard radio plug without cutting wires from car.

I used two kind of connectors. One which is on, when you start your car and another which is attached to my second battery with a switch.
I can now hear music, when i drive, or i am on campground. Inside Radio these two connectors must be connected together and leading to 12V / 5V module.
But you have to be careful, in each wire has to be one blocking diode before connecting together, that batterys don´t balance over small wires.

Additional to that i printed some baseplates for modules. So every module can be installed in the old case and is fixed.

Decisive for me to buy Arylic Up2Stream V3 was, that it can be connected to toslink. This port leads to my amplifier.
For car it is perfect, because you don´t have background noise, like on many chinch cables, which often lay near by current carrying cables.

I have to solder now only status led in my radio, that i know, when Up2Stream is on.
I use only spotify, why i don´t used USB port.

For me this board is perfect platform for my projects. Next time i try another radio and combine this with a DAB+ or radio module.