Arylic Up2Stream 2.1 amplifier bluetooth issue.

As the title says, I am running into trouble with the arylic 2.1 up2stream board (not the one with the backplate).
Each time I connect the board to a bluetooth devices it works as it should.
WHEN I try to connect it to my Desktop PC via a bluetooth adapter, the pc tells me that it has connected to the arylic board but as I soon as I try to play something or output a sound, it starts buzzing LOUD (loud means max volume). If I do not turn it off immediately, it continues to buzz. It does that even if I try to switch between inputs.
Somehow it gets this when connecting only to the PC and bugs the board.
Am I the only one with this issue? Besides that it works flawlessly and I would still recommend it to others even it has this issue.