Arylic s10

My S10 has developed a constant kind of click, click, click sound this seems to have happened after the update, it is now unusable. I’ve done a factory reset and checked the audio connection into my hi fi and nothing changes . Please help.

Hi Mark, we’ve received several feedback of this kind, would you mind to help debugging? If ok, please send me a mail

Hi Frank,
Thanks for coming back so quickly, yes I’d be very happy to help. I was hoping to have it up and running for Christmas. What it help if I sent an audio file of how it sounds?
Kind regards

I also have this kind of clicking sound that comes from S10.
Is there a solution for it?

Thank you.

No not at the moment although they have tried to fix it. I’ve been told there will be an update to fix it. It’s worth contacting Arylic directly and reporting it.

Hi guys!

I don’t know about the S10 (it’s a complete device), but on Up2Stream 2.1 I completely got rid of the click-click sounds like this:

Try it, it might help.

I have just discovered that if I turn the S10 unit upside down, the popping sound goes away. Not sure if this helps with a fix or not. Doesn’t look attractive but seems to work.