Arylic S10 - How do the HIFI quality in Tidal get turned on?

I currently have a HIFI subscription in Tidal, but in the 4stream app it shows me a PREMIUM subscription and High quality (I cannot select HIF quality in this app). Please help me on how to change the quality from High to HFI.

Hi @michalpj Michal,

Welcome to the Forum. I have actually been through the same issue with one of my clients. If you look the way Spotify works (using a technique called Spotify Connect).

On Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)

  • PUSH Method - Launch Spotify App then select Arylic as OUTPUT Devive
  • PULL Method - Launch 4STREAM APP the select Spotify Service. The UI is the same.

With Tidal the PULL Method has a different more limited UI.

I guess the ultimate solution is for Arylic (or Linkplay) to implement “Tidal Connect”; which does exist. It is obviously more work and they can only do so many things at once. The last time I asked there we no immediate plans to implement Tidal Connect.

By the way you can achieve HIFI Quality by playing from a Laptop by using the Tidal Desktop App or Web Browser Interface.

Hope this helps,