Arylic S10 gets volume lowered when joining a group

I have a few Arylic / up2stream compatible devices across my home. I have a very specific issue when I add my S10 to a group: the volume lowers to go to around 10%. It seems unrelated to the other devices in the group and acts the same when the device is master or not.

It seems to be between two specific device. The volume of the S10 gets lowered (to really low - around 10% of max volume) when it is part of a group with the AudioPro C10, which based on the firmware used is compatible with the S10. Everything works fine between all the other devices (from different providers), but it’s only with the S10 that I have the issue of volume getting lowered.

Any ideas how I could investigate what the issue is?


  • My S10 is running 4.6.415145.35
  • It gets lowered to around 10% of volume max when added to a group with my other device
  • Other device is a AudioPro C10 (first version) which is running up2stream api
  • Both devices are on the same subnet, apart from the lowering of the sound everything works well. Other devices I have in the house (up2stream compatible) are not affected at all.
  • When adding any of the two devices to other devices, there’s no volume issues. Only the Arylic S10 is getting it’s volume lowered when added specifically within a group that contains the AudioPro device, or is the master and I add the AudioPro device to the S10
  • AudioPro C10 is running a firmware numbered “4.6.337158.112” although this might be AudioPro’s internal versioning)
  • Another AudioPro device is completely unaffected

Cheers and thanks,

Hello, wondering if there’s anyone that could help me explain the behavior? Anything I can do to get additional logs from the S10?

Can you share:

  • What different groups you have had configured/tried?
  • What devices where in those groups?
  • What you have noticed per setup?
  • Maybe share a screenshot of the groups from 4Stream App?