Arylic S10 Ethernet MPCP Opcode Pause network flood

Those who use a wired Ethernet connection, beware:
Occasionally the device starts to flood the ethernet network with Ethernet MPCP Opcode Pause 46 packets. This usually bring the home network down to it’s knees. It took me a while trying to catch an offender. The packets have a source and destination address of special Ethernet broadcast domain 01:80:c2:00:00, so I can’t 100% pinpoint it to S10 device, but removing it from the network stopped the flood.

I am not sure if this is a right place to file a bug. Has anyone seen something similar with S10 or Up2Stream device?

Hi @bshtein

Have you noticed a pattern as and to when this happens ? Can you post a typical Ethernet Packet in this situation ?

Regards, Kevin

this is a big problem, how and when would this happen by the way?

This issue hasn’t occurred for a last couple of weeks.
I am still monitoring for re-occurrence.