Arylic S10 connection issues

I recently purchased an Arylic S10 and had the following issues.

The setup did not complete normally through the 4stream app and I couldn’t connect to the soundsystem ssid as it didn’t show up in the WiFi list. However I did manage to get onto my WiFi when I returned to the app.

When I now turn on the app it looks for a new device and I have to run through the setup process and then cancel it for the device to show up or I go to Spotify and have to try a few times until it shows in the device list. This happens most of the time and only occasionally will I turn on the 4stream app and the device is there.

I have connected the device with a cable to my router and the problems still persist.

Another thing I have now noticed is that the device will just power on by itself. This has happened a few times that I have noticed even when the remote is next to the device.

When I get it working its an excellent little streamer but
I would appreciate some feedback or assistance.