Arylic S10 as signal source for an active subwoofer (feedback for use case)


This is my first post in these forums, so hopefully I put it in the right category :slight_smile:

I’d need your feedback on the following use case for Arylic S10, before I make any purchase:

I am in the process of “downsizing” my music/tv audio setup. I own an Arylic S50 Pro+ and a pair of active near field monitors (Adam Audio T7V).

I am, however, forced to sell the Adam Audio’s and replace them with a smaller-sized pair of passive bookshelf speakers (I’ll probably go with Acoustic Energy AE100 Mk.2).

I also have an old Kef PSW 1000.2 active subwoofer which I would like to add to my audio setup.

The amp I’ll be using is Fosi Audio BT30D Pro (I already own one).

My Arylic S50 Pro+ would be connected to that amp.

What I wanted to achieve here is - use the S50 Pro+ as my transport, connect it’s RCA outs to Fosi Audio BT30D Pro and add the active Kef subwoofer to this setup WIRELESSLY.

The main question is: Can I use an Arylic S10 unit to act as transport for my Kef subwoofer, connecting the S10’s LINE OUT to the Kef’s line level input using 3,5mm stereo Jack to 2x RCA cable?

In the end, I’d like to use the S50 Pro+ as my main playing device and add the S10 (that would have ONLY the Kef subwoofer attached to it) via Wi-Fi as a slave device, in the same room setup.

Does using S10 to feed the active subwoofer via Line out make sense to you and would it work that way, as I intended?

Many thanks in advance for any feedback you guys might offer me.

Not an expert by any means but if you intended to use it as your audio/video system it may not work.

As stand alone audio it could work fine. If you only have one Arylic device being used it will perform great. (I have the S50 Pro+, Ayima amp, two Sony speakers and a Mission sub. Sounds fantastic as an audio and audio/video system.

The problem arises when you introduce a second Arylic device (I also have an S10) and sync the two (group) so they both play the exact same audio. The issue is the master device introduces a 1 or 2 second delay in audio so the wireless has a chance to keep up

In my experience, if I leave my secondary devices grouped ( or on) the movie is unwatchable as the audio is delayed. If on the other hand I ungroup or turn off the secondary device(s) the audio realigns with the video and it’s a great overall experience.


Thank you for the vital input, Wilbour. This is one of a few extra things I was afraid of and it turns out to be the major showstopper for me.

Looks like I’ll be forced to use the PRE-OUT on the Fosi Audio BT30D Pro and connect it to my powered subwoofer via cable, forgetting about the wireless thing completely.

Thanks again!