Arylic-mqtt with openhab


I wanted to use the arylic H50 with openhab, and since it does not expose an http api, it’s tricky to get it working.
Hence I created my own project: arylic-mqtt GitHub - mouse256/arylic-mqtt
It connects to the TCP api (which is available on all devices I have, the H50, up2stream amp and up2stream pro) and exposes the device over MQTT. Like this you can easily use it in various home automation projects. I myself use it in openhab, and there is info in the project on how to do this.

Drop me a message if you’re trying this out, and how the experience is for you.


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This is a cool project and would help a lot, thanks for the effort.


Right now I’m using http polling from openhab to integrate it and have something like this on my mind for a rather long time. Going to try it out.



Let me know your experience. Also if you can’t get it working, I’ve only tested it on my setup.

This is all good, but is there command MCU+XXX+XXX:URL&? How to start play an audio stream (URL or file from USB) via MCU+ commands?

I’ve never used that, but I’ll try to add support for it.
I suggest you open an issue for this in github, makes it easier for me to track.

This is a logical function. I’m surprised the developers don’t provide this option. All control statuses are available via MCU+, which means it should be possible to include a specific stream URL: or a specific MP3 file from a USB drive. Then the player can be integrated into any automation system without http and https. I am an AMX controller enthusiast and am really looking forward to this opportunity.

Created Support for MCU+XXX+XXX:URL& · Issue #3 · mouse256/arylic-mqtt · GitHub to track this. But it looks rather complex to add this.