Arylic BP50 USB navigation

Hello, I´ve bougth an Arylic BP50 mainly for playing files in local USB drives in my analogic amp. It is a fantastic device although with some limitations. The main concern for me is that USB playing from GO control app or remote control dont allow to play from subfolders. For example, if i have 5 folder with 100 songs each one, looks like it create one unique playlist with the 500 files, but,
How i know where start one folder or another?
So would be desirable a folder navigation mode, or by album, artist or something similar.
As i still can return this device, is there any device from Arylic that as preamp could make an good usb navigation amp?
There is is any way to go more or less directly to identify and play from a USB specific folder?

Any tips are well received.