Arylic A50+ radio streaming

Hello everyone! I have Arylic A50+. I need to stream Lithuanian radio, which i can found in 4 stream app. If radio stuck or for one sec i didint have power, and device turning off, can i do, that when i turning it on, automatically my radio will stream?



I don’t think so. What you could do to make your experience a bit better is save the internet radio station(s) you mostly listen as preset(s), so that you can quickly play them by pressing 1/2/3/4/5/6 of the remote controller, once the connection/power is restored to the A50.

I read a thread on this forum where someone flashed a smart plug to run a routine to check if the steamer was working. It did so every few minutes. If the streamer had stopped due to a power outage it would select the designated preset and start playing the station again.

I’ll look for the link…

Here it is:

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Yep, that was me. Feel free to ask if you have any questions :blush:

Hello everyone! Thanks for answers.

So i understand correct, without any plugs, i cannot do that?

Also one question - i need to listen one of Lithuanian radio, which is not in the lists of all apps, is it possible to copy link or something to listen it?

Thank you very much!

Maybe anyone knows, if i using Open network stream, to use my favourite radio, could i save it to preset, ant if its off, push 1 on remote and play it?

You can do it also with other means e.g. smart home hubs like Home Assistant or just a simple program running on whatever hardware you might have (e.g. a NAS etc)

@arturas396 unfortunately, the device cannot save any links to the preset via the “open network stream” option, only the streams of the included streaming providers (e.g. vtuner) can be saved - or you can use a workaround to create your own stream, but this is not a very user-friendly solution.