Arylic A50 big delay in AirPlay

I’m using A50 at home for AirPlay and it is great delay (3-4 seconds) in audio play back.
I’m streaming from MacBook Pro 2021 year.

There is no such issue when I’m using my Yamaha and Denon amplifiers with AirPlay. But… there is an issue with Arylic. How it is possible to remove this delay?

I have the same issue and also created a thread for it to which nobody replied. The Arylic products are USELESS if you intend to use AirPlay. Support was of zero help.

Macs use Airplay 1 for audio only streams. Airplay 1 has a couple second delay due to buffering, it always has and is not a mystery. This is also a common complaint for AirPlay 2. The delay is also due to AirPlay 2 utilising a buffer so as to be able to sync multiple devices.

Don’t use it - use the 4Stream App provided with Arylic for a superior experience.