Arylic A30+ FW showing a31raokit, can't upgrade.


I have a few A30+ and they’re great, but after a previous firmware update one of them started misbehaving. The LED was flashing all the time and many o fteh app functions didn;t work, including volume. It still plays, volume works on IR remote so it’s taken me a while to get round to trying to fix it.
In the app the firmware version showed as 4.6.415145 without any suffix, the others all show 4.6.415145.41 at the moment. I downloaded the update tool and connected to a work device, Project shows as “ARYLIC-A30” so all good. When I connect to the misbehaving device it shows as “a31rakoit” I downloaded the firmware and tried to push to the device, but it eventually fails with “Update Failed(Get Percent Failed)!!!”
Is there a way I can force a firmware upgrade on this? Or some other way to resolve the issue? I’ve tried a factory reset and then started from the begining but the same thing happens.

Thanks for any help you can give.