Are there any plans to make more AirPlay 2 devices?

Hi all,

I’m looking at upgrading a vintage radio with new internal parts.

I was going to use the Up2Stream Amp Mono board as it has everything I want in it (plus the ability to output a tweeter and woofer via tuning). I realised just before I went to purchase the board that it’s not AirPlay 2 compatible. It looks like only the Up2Stream HD DAC supports it.

However, it seems the Up2Stream HD DAC has a few drawbacks too, including no HTTP interface and also no amp. In terms of amps, I’m not sure what to pair it with or whether I can still get the tweeter/woofer split. If I do find a suitable amp, will the volume be controllable over AirPlay still or only via the paired amplifier directly?

I have a heap of Sonos AirPlay 2 devices around the house, so I was hoping to be being able to group them all together which is something I can do if I use AirPlay 1 (not to mention other AirPlay 1 drawbacks).

Are there any plans to make any more boards which support AirPlay 2 — especially DIY ones with amplifiers built in?

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