Are AirPlay speakers visible in 4Stream App?

I would like to know:

(1) Is an (any) AirPlay speaker visible in the 4Stream App?
(2) If so, can it be combined in one group (multi-room) with Up2Stream products)?


I learned from Arylic that the 4Stream App is not able to show an AirPlay speaker in the ‘Device’ list.

Recommendation/Feature request to Arylic
I would recommend to add this feature to the 4Stream App.

The 4Stream App is already a powerful App to manage and control all Arylic devices.
Adding the ability to also manage non-Arylic, AirPlay speakers, would make the use of Arylic devices and the 4Stream App even more attractive. Especially for combining the different devices in multi-room/group modes.
I also believe that AirPlay users at the moment are lacking a good App to manage the speakers. As they are dependent in the way that (for instance) the Spotify App manages the choice and grouping of speakers. This is very limited, so an opportunity for the 4Stream App.

Is it possible with 4Stream?
All Arylic devices already support AirPlay besides the Linkplay proprietary protocol. So I believe this is not too hard to integrate.

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