Aptx HD S50 Pro Falling off line

Bought two of the S50 Pro units less than a week ago. I have one in my living room attached to my audio system consisting of the S50 Pro feeding a Schitt Audio Modi3 DAC and into my Parasound amp. I am feeding the S50 with an optical cable from the TV. The unit has been working flawlessly for 3 days, then today it suddenly fell off the app. I went through the set up and it came back but wanted to know if anyone else has had similar things happen?

Well i do face two issues (post Beta version update)-
Equalizer issue - When Deep Bass is on, Equalizer doesnt resumes to actual setting when restarted.
Switch on from Remote Power button - I am not able to switch on the device from Remote control Power button. It only goes to Standy by mode.

I have informed Frank and he said he will share an updated firmware with me