Apple TV and A50+

I have an Apple TV 4 connect to a LG TV and just received an A50+. I connect The Apple TV to A50+ through Airplay and the combination works well with Apple Music. But thing seems not Ok with Netflix and YouTube: the sound does not sync with the pics and go off after few seconds. I tried the Wireless audio sync feature of the Apple TV but there is no sound from A50+ during the calibration process. Is there any way to fix the issue?

Airplay always produces a delay, measured from sender to receiver, because the sent data will be buffered on receiver side to avoid short interruptions. So, it works well with just playing music - like Apple Music - but when it comes to send audio/video in sync Airplay isn’t the right technology. In this case, you should better connect the Apple TV directly to the TV again, or connect an AV receiver in between. Your A50+ can then be connected with the AV receiver, too.

A second option is an HDMI Audio Extractor. Your Apple TV is connected to this extractor via HDMI, the extractor splits audio and video signal, TV is then connected to HDMI on the extractor and your A50+ to RCA-Out of the extractor.


Thank you @phranck . I’ve just ordered an HDMI Audio Extractor. Hope it’ll solve the issue.

I have connected Apple TV to a HDMI audio extractor and get the sound to A50+ thru optical and it works like charm. The only problem is that I now cannot change the volume with my Apple TV remote. I try the Apple remote to learn from A50+’ but no signal is detected by Apple’s remote. @phranck , can you help please?

Hm… That the volume control of your Apple TV via TOS link to the A50+ does not work, that’s fine. Digital signals (both optical and non-optical) are raw data, and the volume control is on the analogue side. So this is the expected behaviour. For this reason, you can only control the volume via the A50+, that’s where the DAC is.

As far as I know, the Siri Remote (1st generation) only works via Bluetooth, so it cannot learn IR commands. The Siri Remote (2nd generation, current model) can do both Bluetooth and IR. However, I do not know whether this remote can also be programmed. I’m not sure about that.

I also have an Apple TV HD here, and lots of other devices. But I don’t use the original remote control of any of these devices. Instead, I bought a Logitech Harmony many years ago, which I use to control all my devices without any problems.

That might also be a solution.

CORRECTION: my Apple TV remote DOES work with A50+. I have to point the A50+ remote to the Apple TV, NOT its remote (unlike other learning remote)